Survey about OSM communication behaviors

Hi everyone,

We are doing a research project on how OpenStreetMap users interact with each other. Are you willing to help us learn more about communication behaviors in OSM? Take this quick and anonymous survey and tell us if and how you use the OSM community forum, mailing lists, social media and other channels:

If you want to take the survey but can’t access it, please email us at

We will share the results of this survey, along with other data, with the community. This can help users better understand communication habits in OSM, so they can identify the most effective ways to reach other community members. We will be presenting our findings at State of the Map US in Richmond, Virginia and in diary entries. So stay tuned for more and thank you for participating in our survey.

Have a great weekend!

Marjan Van de Kauter (TomTom community engager and OSMF Communication Working Group member)
Courtney Williamson (OSMF Communication Working Group member)
Keara Dennehy (TomTom business analyst)
L.J. Lambert (TomTom business analyst)

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