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Switch on and off a single item

I should appreciate the chance to switch on and off a single item in one layer. This is possible in GoogleMyMaps, but I never found a way to get this in Umap.
Don’t you think it is a useful feature? For example, if I draw all the watering canals of a single parish I fill the map with a lot of lines. To let watch them one by one (very useful thing), I have to put each one in a separate layer. I did so for instance in ‹ Idrografia di Offanengo › and others map.
It is not a very effective way, because the number of the layers increases exponentially. Now I want to increase the map putting in the data of a neighboring parish, but I’m scared by the number of layers that this will take.
If there is a way, please tell me it. If there is not, please someone consider the chance to make possible this useful feature.
Thank you.