Tactile_paving=* on highway=steps?

Triggered by this StreetComplete quest suggestion: [Quest] Do these steps have tactile paving at the top and bottom? · Issue #3534 · streetcomplete/StreetComplete · GitHub

I was wondering how people would prefer to tag tactile paving which is often present at bottom and top of the highway=steps (pictures in link above)?

It seems to me tactile_paving=* would be best added at a start and end node of that highway=steps way (i.e. similar to how it is mapped on kerb=* for crossings) as it is most precise, but there seems to be some 28k+ uses (according to highway=steps | Tags | OpenStreetMap Taginfo)
of marking tactile_paving=* at the highway=steps way itself.

I can se how that would be easier, but seems somewhat incorrect (as the tactile paving does not follow that way, as it often does highway=footway).

So, which people prefer?

(Note: It’s also being discussed at tagging ML and wiki Talk page)

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