Tag `collection_times` for parcel lockers with `parcel_mail_in=yes`?

Do you think it is correct to tag collection_times on parcel lockers (amenity=parcel_locker) with parcel_mail_in=yes? It is currently not suggested in either of those wiki pages and not used according to Taginfo.

But I think it makes sense to tag the collection times if they are signed. If it is deemed okay in this forum thread, how should I proceed?

  • Start a proposal to make this official?
  • Edit the wiki page directly?
  • Start using the tag combination?

By the way, if it is accepted, I’ll also suggest to add the tag combination amenity=parcel_locker and parcel_mail_in=yes to StreetComplete’s “What are the pickup times of this collection box?” quest, which is currently only asked for amenity=post_box.

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