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While cycling around and pouring over aerial imagery I’ve come over time across a half dozen solar farms, to include one under construction where the solar panel groups are mounted on a heavy pole/mast w/ an electric engine which aligns the panels every so many minutes to the sun, actually somewhat ahead so as to get maximum output all daylight hours for each repositioning time frame. Each assembly had 54 panels and the on-site engineer told the benefit far outstripped the cost of maintenance.

Image sample in wiki, 1st page, 2/3rd down at left, though not clear if this is an installation with movement. “only” 27 panels on these.


The question: Is there a ready tag value specific to solar or in general to express the dynamic direction of these panels? TagInfo shows 292 pages with direction to include E;W and the wiki, but for the image, does not give a particular hint. Positioning is calendar adjusted.


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