Tag synonym cleanup/consolidation

I would love to know about any historical discussion/efforts to do tag cleanup of the form: TagA, TagB, TagC etc are agreed to be synonyms (via wiki?) so let’s shift all tags to be TagA (most prominent on wiki, taginfo etc). My motivation is that many objects have more than one synonym attached to them which has created cases where the data in the tags disagree. Either because an editor changed one without the other or two objects with different synonyms were merged incorrectly. Having only one tag may help reduce this class of error.

Beyond that, there’s my general feeling that the principle of “one feature, one element” is naturally extended to “one element feature, one tag”. In cases where we cannot determine the most prominent/“best” name for a tag then we wait for consensus.

If it helps discussion I’ve been working on review of things with/needing GNIS IDs. There are 6 agreed upon synonyms on the wiki (“gnis:feature_id”, “gnis:id”, “tiger:PLACENS”, “NHD:GNIS_ID”, “nhd:gnis_id”, “ref:gnis”) with gnis:feature_id being the dominant tag in use.

I probably owe some time to write up a specific proposal for GNIS ids, but wanted to get the lay of the land a bit before proceeding.

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