Tagging builders / construction companies / civil engineering

Something I’ve come across from time to time is how to best tag construction businesses.

So far we have only stubs in the wiki


A workplace or office of tradespeople who build or remodel buildings. A general contractor.

A workplace or office of a tradesman who performs structural alterations and additions to buildings


Used in conjunction with office=company, this can define a company as a construction company. For the respective subdivisions, e.g. building construction, civil engineering, etc., there are no differentiation options so far.

A construction company; company providing multiple or general construction services


Construction machinery, building materials are stored on the premises of a construction company or prefabrication such as prefabricated building components is involved.

A metalworking industry

:face_with_monocle: that last description might have been a copy-and-paste error??

Discussions going on right now on similar topics: Wiki page for Key:industrial has been completely rewritten. Was this discussed or voted on?
Small scale landuse=industrial vs. industrial=*

I would like to tag the area that is used by the business with something fitting. My gut feeling is “industrial=construction_company” describes it well. The only issue would be that the landuse may not be exactly “industrial” but “commercial”, or “light” vs “heavy” industry, which is talked about in the above topics, too. I’m not dogmatic here, but I would love to see a consensus and have it inscribed in the wiki.

craft=builder makes no sense anymore when the company is really big, it may work on small and midsize companies. I know “craft” has issues in the English speaking world, it probably was introduced by Germans to describe the concept of “Handwerk” :grin:

And company=construction needs an office, which can always be put as a node in the most likely location, but what about tagging the area?

Then there’s a second issue:

These tags describe businesses that are constructing buildings (mostly above ground). How should a company be tagged that does construction on and below ground, but builds no houses?

In German there’s the term Tiefbau, it

“covers large parts of the construction infrastructure. This includes road, bridge, railroad, gallery and tunnel construction, earthworks, hydraulic engineering, mining and foundation engineering as well as the construction of supply and disposal networks such as waterways, dams and sewer systems”

(translation from the de-Wiki by DeepL)
DeepL translates “Tiefbau” as “civil engineering” which may be broader than the German term.

I think “infrastructure_construction” as a value of the industrial key could work well. What do you think?

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