Tagging Cycling Networks in Metro Vancouver

Hi All,

I’m a relatively new editor, but I’m looking to collaborate with anyone interested in standardizing how cycle routes are tagged in Metro Vancouver.

The Transport 2050 plan by Translink & the Regional Greenways 2050 Plan by Metro Vancouver are proposing a network of regional cycling routes. This should increase regional cycling in area, and I think it would be good if we start standardizing the data before we end up with a hodgepodge of tagging methods.

I’ve created a page on the wiki to start, but it’s pretty barebones since I’m only experienced with the Vancouver area. I’m not even sure if the Vancouver method is the best one we’ve got in the region!

I’ve also included a section on standardizing how we tag cycling infrastructure, but that’s a pretty big topic so I’ve only written down a method for determining whether or not a cycleway should be tagged seperately from the roadway.

So, anyone interested?

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