Tagging cyclist footrests/handles – merging and widening previous discussions

From time to time, the question pops up on how to tag footrests or handles for cyclists that are intended to make waiting at traffic lights more comfortable (a list of half a dozen discussions on this topic from different OSM channels can be found in the OSM wiki).

The discussion results have been mostly sparse so far, but in the meantime, there are two proposals on this subject (amenity=cyclist_leaning_rail and cycleway=footrest) and certainly some more tags in the wild. However, I think that a few aspects should be discussed again in a larger circle, e.g.:

Which primary tag should be used for this?

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Where should the geometry be located?

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This type of street furniture comes in various forms - especially as a footrest as well as a handrest/handle.
How should the value be named? Please also suggest a term in the thread if you know a good one : ) If possible, from a traffic-/professional-related discussion or publication…

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It would be great if a picture of the opinions could be painted here and more opinions are shared, so that maybe we can finally come to a proposal and a documented tagging to close this tiny but obvious gap in the OSM universe : )

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