Tagging for "poncheras", "vulcanizadoras", and others placest

Greetings OSM community. In the LatAm and Cuba discussion groups on Telegram, there was a debate about the correct tagging for “poncheras” (tire repair shops), “vulcanizadoras” (vulcanizing shops), “gomerias” (tire shops), etc.

These places are responsible for repairing tire punctures and some other repairs, and they usually don’t sell tires, they are just repair workshops. There is still no decision on how to tag these places. They are more common in Cuba and are called “poncheras,” but they also exist throughout LatAm, with a minority in Africa and Asia.

The most accepted tags for these places were combinations of shop=tyres + repair=yes, and there was also consideration for shop=repair + repair=tyres. There was even thought of creating a proposal on the wiki, but this idea failed. If anyone could help us decide which combination of tags is correct for these cases, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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