Tagging for US ebikes of 750 Watts and above

Don’t know whether I need to start here or in a national, state, or municipal community, but figured this was really a general question to start with.

The problem arises on how to tag access to motorized vehicles on what are purported to be non-motorized paths.

In the US ebikes 750 watts and above are categorized as motor vehicles under federal
law banning them from anywhere closed to
motor vehicles (but open to bicycles). But some locales are authorizing ebikes of 750 watts and more on paths ostensibly closed to “motor vehicles”

I initially thought that one way to encourage discussion was to tag such paths as motor vehicle=yes but it was suggested to me that that might really necessitate lots of other tagging in order to narrow down exactly what manner of motor vehicle was allowed (de facto or de jure).

Another suggestion was to make use of a tag like speed_pedelec=yes with motor vehicle=no to try and provide a single tag that best describes the situation. Unfortunately I am afraid such tags would be of little use in the US because such tags are newer.

The problem is further complicated by the fact that NGIs are mining OSM data to rank communities on bicycle amenities, while government agencies may be tagging and mining OSM data to manipulate funding.

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