Tagging for ways under / through multiple elevated apartment buildings

This and similar always seems to be a bone of contention, a picture ripped from Google maps. The maxheight sign is 2.05 hanging of height restrictor kind of flaps, parking with other pictures showing a caravan parked in there so 2.05 is relative. The parking way is through underneath 3 level apartment blocks, as there’s an open air section and then a second block of same with parking underneath. The footways around the buildings are level ground front and sides balconies, back level ground as build against a slope.

So are we dealing with

  1. Building passage or tunnel
  2. Level=-1 or layer=-1 for the ways?
  3. Parking underground and/or covered?
  4. Both the ways have each a different street name sign … residential or service? The blocks on each set of two have house numbers 1 and 2.


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