Tagging historic ships as buildings

Hi all,

Just wondering how the community feels on tagging historic ships (and submarines) as buildings. For clarity, these are ships that are now permanently moored and are often tourist attractions.

The historic=ship wiki documentation used to say not to tag historic ships as buildings. It now says the opposite. The wiki pages for historic=locomotive and historic=aircraft still explicitly say not to tag with building=*.

My concern is that this tagging is simply tagging for the renderer. The historic key is not rendered by Carto, whereas buildings obviously are.

It also seems a bit of a misnomer. A ship isn’t normally considered a building. Under the OSM definition a building is a “man-made structure with a roof, standing more or less permanently in one place”. Most dictionaries are stricter than this even, requiring walls as a well as a roof.

However, we do use building=houseboat and a permanently moored tourist attraction does kind of act as a building.

Thoughts? If we’re happy with using building=ship, should we also allow the same for historic, permanently located, trains and aircraft?

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