Tagging inactive water wells: man_made=water_well + disused=yes vs disused:man_made=water_well

There are some features where marking them as disused is not really valid (waterway=waterfall natural=tree)

We have some features which are still the same landform even if not in active commercial operation (for landuse=quarry using disused=yes would be the best marker to classify them as disused)

The same goes for abandoned buildings - abandoned building is still building so building=* abandoned=yes works well.

On the other hand inactive shop is no longer place where you may buy or sell things, so closed down supermarket with shell of former shop (signs, interior etc) would be best tagged as disused:shop=supermarket

What would be the best tagging for disused inactive water well? What would be the friendliest for other mappers, editor software and (to lesser degree) for data consumers?

man_made=water_well disused=yes (treating water well as landform)


disused:man_made=water_well (treating water well as POI)

First one requires checking at least for abandoned=yes, disused=yes, ruins=yes condition=not_working, working=no, operational_status=out_of_order, operational_status=broken, operational_status=closed, operational_status=non_operational, operational_status=non operational, operational_status=non-operational to skip inactive ones.

Second one requires checking at least disused:man_made=water_well, abandoned:man_made=water_well, ruins:man_made=water_well, ruined:man_made=water_well if you want to handle also inactive ones.

Is it useful to make edits changing





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