Tagging inholdings (private land) in US National Forests

I’ve been having a discussion with another mapper about how to properly tag US national forests, specifically with regards to inholdings. For context US national forests contain both public and private land, and inholdings are the private land within the boundaries of a national forest.
This leads to there being two sets of borders within for the forest:

  1. The forest boundary as defined by the forest service
  2. The lands owned by the forest service (USDA) within the forest boundary

I can see two possible solutions for this (and I have seen in practice)

  1. The forest boundary is boundary=protected_area, the owned land is something else (I tagged it as boundary=legal, which has decent use elsewhere, but maybe there is something better to use)

  2. The owned land is boundary=protected_area, the forest boundary is something else (I have seen boundary=administrative)

I look forward to any discussion :slight_smile:

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