Tagging/interpreting additional parameters when cycle infrastructure is only a part of a highway

Hi all,

I’m one of the people working on QECIO (QECIO 2.0: Quantifying Europe’s Cycling Infrastructure using OpenStreetMap). We’re very much interested in what we can learn about quality of cycle infrastructure from OSM, and one of the stumbling blocks is the interpretation/tagging practices in cases when cycling infrastructure constitutes only a part of a highway feature. For example, when you have a painted cycle lane on a carriageway, or when cycle track and pedestrian track are next to each other and represented as the same highway. Are there some principles of “inheriting” properties from “parent” components?

Example 1. highway=tertiary + cycleway:right=track

If cycleway:right:surface=asphalt, it’s obvious that the surface of the track is asphalt. But what if there is no cycleway:right:surface set, but:

a) cycleway:surface=asphalt?

b) surface=asphalt?

Can/should I check the more general tags to take the “quality” properties, or is the intention that only the exact match (i.e. cycleway:right:surface for cycleway:right) is valid?

Does the answer change for cycleway:right=lane? It’s not very common that a cycle lane has a different surface that the rest of the carriageway, but it can happen.

Does the answer change for other parameters, such as width? oneway?

Example 2. highway=path + foot=designated + bicycle=designated + segregated=yes

During State of the Map EU someone said that in cases liked that cycleway:width and footway:width should be used to specify widths of the cycle and pedestrian part separately. Is it documented/proposed somewhere? Doesn’t seem to be used much in practice (overpass turbo)

Most often I see just width, surface, smoothness etc. And sometimes it seems to mean the total width of both pedestrian and cycling part, but sometimes only one of them. Is there some guidance how cases like this should be tagged/interpreted?

Does the interpretation change for highway=cycleway or highway=footway, if the other tags (foot=designated + bicycle=designated + segregated=yes) are still there?

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