Tagging kerbs on crossings

When trying to understand how to tag a kerb, I went looking for mapped kerbs and found this example of a node tagged as barrier=kerb, kerb=raised where a highway=footway and a road cross over. There aren’t any other tags on this node.

Looking at the Wiki, I think a better tagging for this node would be highway=crossing, crossing=unmarked, kerb=raised. (The only physical indication that pedestrians are meant to cross there is a gap in the fence along the kerb.)

The presence of barrier=kerb seems to be a clear mistake: According to the Wiki page for barrier=kerb, this tag on a crossing node is wrong because it implies that road users also have to go over the kerb, like some sort of traffic calming feature. According to the Wiki page for the kerb key, kerb=* on the crossing is perfectly fine.

Looking at the history of this node, the addition of kerb=raised to the previously untagged node was prompted by StreetComplete. The addition of barrier=kerb happened in a later changeset. The changeset comment doesn’t indicate why it was added, but I suspect it’s because iD complains when kerb=raised appears on its own, and suggests adding barrier=kerb.

Is it a bug in StreetComplete that it adds kerb=raised without adding highway=crossing?

Is it a bug in iD that it suggests adding barrier=kerb to all nodes tagged only as kerb=raised? A feature that probably makes sense for some other nodes like this one.

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