Tagging number of lanes for non-highway features

Hi all,

The lanes=* key is, according to its wiki page, only to be used for highway=* elements. Yet other mappable features can have lanes.

Three that immediately spring to mind are running tracks, swimming pools, and 10 pin bowling alleys.

  • For running tracks (amongst other types included in leisure=track), the wiki recommends using lanes=* in contradiction to that key’s own page.
  • For swimming pools, the key swimming_lanes=* is in use.
  • For bowling alleys, no guidance is given though I did start a talk topic about this a while back (with no responses).

I think it would be useful for us to agree on a consistent approach here.

Should lanes=* only be used in conjunction with highway=*? If so:

  • Why? Surely data consumers aren’t expecting lanes=* as a stand-alone tag, so it’s straightforward enough to understand the context based on the primary tag. Why should usage be exclusive to highways? We don’t restrict surface=* just to highways for example.

  • How should “lanes” for other features be mapped? Does it make sense to keep creating new keys for each feature (e.g. swimming_lanes=*, bowling_lanes=* etc.)?

  • Perhaps using some namespace tagging? E.g., swimming_pool:lanes=*, bowling_alleys:lanes=* (or even highway:lanes=*).

Interested to hear your thoughts…

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