Tagging of aquariums

One of the wonderful quirks of the English language is that we use the term aquarium to describe both a large scale tourist attraction as well as an individual water-filled vivarium (of any size).

In OSM, we have the tag tourism=aquarium which is supposed to be used only for the large-scale tourist attraction (i.e. multiple, large tanks, pay entry etc.). However, it does appear it is also being used for individual aquaria, which we might colloquially call a “fish tank”.

I’d like to see the large scale aquaria rendered in Carto (as they are important tourist attractions) but one of the issues is that there’s a mix of usage of this tag.

My suggestion is that:

  • tourism=aquarium is used only for the large scale tourist attraction (e.g., similar to a zoo or museum)
  • attraction=animal + animal=fish is used for individual fish tanks. These could be either located inside a tourism=aquarium or as stand-alone items such as a large fish tank in the centre of a shopping mall for instance
  • I’m unsure about tanks inside a pet shop (shop=pet + pet=fish) or restaurant. They could be tagged as attraction=animal + animal=fish but I’m not sure they’re really an “attraction” as we currently define it.


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