Tagging of barbers (barbershops)

Hi all,

I wonder how the community feels about formalising the hairdresser=barber tag for barbers?

Traditionally, barbers focussed on men’s hair and grooming. In OSM, the documented way to distinguish them from other hairdressers is simply to use male=yes.

However, this is problematic:

  • male=* (and its counterpart female=*) are documented as access restrictions, rather than intended customers or style/service provided.
  • Saying that barbershops are for men only relies on out-dated gender stereotypes. Whilst traditionally focussed on “male-styled” services, many barbershops will happily provide services to women. Indeed, in many (most? some?) countries, it would be illegal for them not to.
  • Nearly half of all shop=hairdresser (~12,000 out of 25,000) are tagged with both male=yes and female=yes. Are these more traditional hairdresser salons that also cater for men, or barbers that cater for women? It isn’t clear without further investigation.

I see the benefits of using shop=hairdresser + hairdresser=barber as:

  • Explicit tagging for this type of shop
  • No reliance on out-dated stereotypes
  • Tagging scheme does not break current data consumers/users. If a data consumer doesn’t understand hairdresser=barber, it will still understand shop=hairdresser which is better than nothing.
  • Enabling actual access restrictions to be appropriately mapped, for example, if it is truly not allowed for women to visit a barbershop in certain jurisdictions (shop=hairdresser + hairdresser=barber + female=no).
  • Potential to extend the scheme to tag barbershop styles, e.g., Turkish barbers, through barber=* (or similar).

Current usage of hairdresser=barber is ~250. This compares to ~9,300 instances of shop=hairdresser + male=yes + (female!=yes or female!=*).

Other options could include shop=barber (30 uses) or shop=barbershop (8 uses) however, as new values of shop, they may not be well supported.

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