Tagging of Battery Swap Stations?

I’ve recently come across and mapped[1] a NIO battery swap facility. It looks pretty much like the one in this video: NIO Launches First Power Swap Station 2.0: See Video How It Works.

I did not find any information on the wiki about such stations, so I improvised amenity=battery_swap. That seems like a nice companion to amenity=charging_station and amenity=fuel.

Afterwards, I’ve found two relevant mapped entities using a different tagging: An identical(?) NIO station[2], and some sort of e-bike battery swap[3]. They use amenity=charging_station + charging_station:battery_swapping=yes

For the NIO station I observed, using amenity=charging_station feels a bit off to me, since it is not at all possible to charge an electric car there. Also, the well established practices of tagging sockets, output power etc. that is documented on Tag:amenity=charging_station - OpenStreetMap Wiki, will probably never be relevant for this kind of facility. Conversely, when swappable batteries become standardized we might want to describe those, but that will be relevant to stations where you plug in to charge.

Did I miss something? Maybe many NIO stations have been already tagged in a way I did not discover? Or maybe some good arguments for overloading amenity=charging_station with something that is not quite charging?

@Hedaja and @Atalanttore, I see you briefly discussed this in Tagging für Power Swap Station von NIO. Maybe you have some inputs…

[1] Way: 1205866165 | OpenStreetMap
[2] Node: ‪Power Swap Station‬ (‪11102408738‬) | OpenStreetMap
[3] Node: 8692804025 | OpenStreetMap

EDIT to include photo of [1]:

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