Tagging of Lawyers (office=lawyer)

I noticed the wiki page for lawyers Tag:office=lawyer - OpenStreetMap Wiki has been changed quite drastically in June this year, when it comes to refining what a particular lawyer is specialised in.

Originally the tagging scheme was analog to the well established healthcare:speciality=* scheme, using lawyer:speciality=*. Then it was changed, initially here https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/w/index.php?title=Tag%3Aoffice%3Dlawyer&type=revision&diff=2340446&oldid=2190495 and ending at the current state, thus creating a new key for each speciality.

As the change seems to be driven by one particular user who does not like “;” - separated values I would like to open a discussion about how useful this change is.

Personally I do favour using a scheme analog to the healthcare:speciality=* scheme and not use different approaches for different kinds of POIs. As office=lawyer has a steady increase in usage and has passed >34000 uses, establishing a consensus might be sensible.

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