Tagging of "skip-lane" roundabouts

Hello everyone,

I’d like to ask about the handling of roundabouts, where a “skip lane” is available, so that the drivers do not need to enter the roundabout.

In terms of traffic regulation, probably it is not against the rules to enter the roundabout even in these cases. But from end-user perspective, these are unnecessary maneuvers, and they might even lead to dangerous situations (with confusion of drivers).

You can see a typical type of such roundabout in this image. Blue is the right way of usage. Proposing the “red” scenario has the problem above (unnecessary, maybe dangerous, maybe even “prohibited”).


The problem with these - as I checked many examples in OSM in Europe - that it seems there is no generic rule or tagging, which allows the right and consequent usage of these roundabouts. Based on 13 examples both OSMR & Graphhopper (haven’t even checked Valhalla) proposed wrong routings in most cases. And in a random manner: once OSMR proposed the right route, once Graphhopper, once none.

Do you have any idea how these roundabouts should be (re)mapped for a consequent workaround? Tagging the skip lanes as priority roads (Key:priority_road - OpenStreetMap Wiki as yes_unposted) ? Adding a mandatory or prohibitory turn restriction (which is also debatable, as discussed above)? Or there is a specific tag for this, which might help? Or if not, it might be proposed?

Any help & ideas on this issue is appreciated!

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