Tagging proposal - salt concentration / evaporation / graduation tower

The proposal needed the necessary changes, so the vote was stopped and the article was repaired under the name: Proposed features/evaporation tower & brine source

I’ve fix issues with brine_source=* tag (better definition) and tourism=attraction (optional). But the tag name issue came up again, so I’d like to ask you for help. We have three proposed names:

  1. graduation_tower - the name on [en] Wikipedia, which, however, is not documented by any English dictionary. As there’s no graduation towers in English-speaking countries it is like a “Polish-English” word, and some native speakers find it illegible
  2. salt_concentration_tower - the most detailed of the names proposed in the last vote
  3. evaporation_tower - more legible than the graduation_tower but considered too general

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