Tagging solution for gated housing estates

I am looking for help on a clean and consistent solution for tagging gated housing estates that work for both renderers and routers.

In Thailand and many parts of Asia, these very common gated housed communities consist of townhouses and/or individual houses and have an often-manned security checkpoint with lift gates and sometimes a reception area for sales. Some of them may have more than one multiple access point.

Important: some of these housing estates can be very large or have very strange shapes, making it impossible to guess the main entrance based on the shape.

Current Wiki guidelines

The global guidelines recommend creating an area denoting the boundaries and assigning the name and if known operator e.g.

landuse=residential + name=* + operator=*


housing estates and other specific residential areas are also often given their own landuse=residential area plus the correct name=. “name” in that context is the name of the particular residential development or housing estate, not the name of the whole town or village. For housing estates you might also like to use operator= to indicate who runs the estate (e.g., the local government).

For apartment complexes, residential=apartments can be added.

residential=apartments is a subtag of landuse=residential and is used to specify the outline of an apartment complex. Implies residential=urban.

Current Limitations

landuse=* is recommended and mostly used for areas so there is no obvious alternative for adding an extra node as a POI to indicate the exact center (security/reception area) for routers.

So we started to use place=neigbourhood as a node:

  • it is useful when the boundaries are not known
  • mappers also started combining it with landuse=residential on areas
  • it conflicts with some other use cases (Thailand has very complex administrative levels).

This doesn’t feel like a clean solution and we are looking for a better way to map these.

Ideas / Solutions

  1. use landuse=residential as a node and propose a new detailed residential=*

To the rendering/routing experts:

  • can a landuse tag be rendered and routed as a node when the boundaries are not known?
  • can a landuse tag be used both as a node (center/POI) and an area (boundary) overlapping each other?

If yes, we could propose to use a more detailed residential=gated_community, what do you think?

residential=townhouses or residential=houses would not work since some communities contain both.

  1. propose a new amenity=gated_community tag that could be used as both a node or area.

  2. keep a place tag to denote the center of the community and its name/operator and keep the landuse area only for the boundaries.

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