Tasking Manager: Monthly update blog - August, 2022

Happy September, everyone! Every year, different mental health organizations and individuals across the U.S. and around the world raise awareness of suicide prevention during September, National Suicide Prevention Month.

And now, let’s go over some of the highlights from August. This is the second month of our monthly update blog series. Hope you enjoyed reading our first one, if not read it here.

:loudspeaker: What’s coming in September?

  1. Banner is here⚡.We’ve been wanting to have a banner in Tasking Manager as a place to share useful messages with our users, whether it be around the new releases, planned downtimes, or fundraising/donation campaigns. We hope the banner will be handy in the coming days. See the sample below:

  2. You now will see the option to see archived projects from the filter functionality to discover the history of old projects. However, it is restricted to contributing to the archived project.

  3. Few enhancements has been made regarding the visibility of due date since it’s a good indication of the urgency of a project. So, request to project creators to set due date while creating projects so that it’s visible in the project card as well. However, message will be shown only on the project detail page when the project has no due date or the due date has expired as shown in the picture below:

  4. Asterisk from extra iD params label has been removed as it’s not that critical to edit this field and was likely to be left blank most often by project creators.
    To reproduce: Edit project>Metadata>Additional iD URL parameters

  5. UI enhancements have been made to the home page. Do check it out :slight_smile:

Other updates:

  1. Display user picture in notifications more info
  2. Revise assigned teams actions permissions more info
  3. Amend link for teams tab to be consistent with overview tab more info
  4. Format all links with default colour before send emails more info
  5. Disable support to remove default generated changeset comment more info

Give us :+1: if you like the new updates.

What interesting happened beyond updates?

Petya from HOT and Ichchha from KLL presented at FOSS4G 2022, Firenze about our journey collaborating on the HOT Tasking Manager and building the Open Tech Collective!

In addition, we heard a few words from people on what they think about Tasking Manager there:

Upcoming events

  • New version release on September 9, 2022
  • Monthly collective meetup on Wednesday 7 September 9:00UTC or 15:00UTC.

We hope to see you there :slightly_smiling_face:

Wanna get involved?

• Join Slack: #tasking-manager

• Visit Tasking Manager Github to :

See the progress of a particular month on GitHub board

  • New: Needs discussion section has been added to the board, where you can see issues and give your valuable opinions so that we can tackle the issues technically forward
  • Request a bug fix or feature enhancement here
  • Help us prioritize issues and feature requests here

Thank you for using Tasking Manager. Will see you in the next month’s updates. Until then, keep mapping for people in need.

Namaste :pray:

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