Template document for data usage in OSM

I have seen these Permission templates to use/convert data from CC-BY v2, 3 or 4 into ODbL (because of the incompatibilities). Also a document to use Imagery for tracing in OSM.

But I was looking for something more generic, something like just to ask if we can use the data from a “document” and map it on OSM, telling the “owner” that the data will be under the ODbL license. Some examples are:

  • The map of a Mall. It has the internal parts of the building, the shop’s names, the type of shop, and other information.
  • The map of transport routes. Some small towns have this information published everywhere, and we just want to map it on OSM.

These are some examples where just a simple document could be useful. However, the documento I am looking for should be something simple, and not with all the legal stuff that could scare the requestees.

Is there something like this? This could be very helpful to ask for simple data documents.

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