Thailand - Fix inconsistent bridge and tunnel tagging

Hello Thailand OSM community,

I am returning back with a new type of MapRoulette challenge: Thailand - Fix inconsistent bridge and tunnel tagging, which is based on specific spatial analysis that detected inconsistently tagged bridges and tunnels and we are hoping that it might bring value to improve the map.

Please note that the following cases might have triggered the inconsistencies:

  • Where highways are overlapping/crossing ways tagging ‘railways or ‘waterway’
  • Where highways tagging layers (…,-1,1,2,…) but no bridge/tunnel tagging is present.
  • Ways tagging ‘dam’ crossing roads, waterways with no bridge or tunnel tagging is present

Before adding tags, the editor should be able to validate his/her work using the recommended sources by the community. it is highly recommended that the editor applies local knowledge and expertise.

You will find more information on the challenge description and on our Thailand GitHub Page.

Please do not hesitate contacting me or leaving comments in the MapRoulette tasks.


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