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Hey Amazing OSM Community! :rocket:

I’m Emon Meena, proud IIT Roorkee alum and currently making waves as an A.I. engineer at IHC in the dazzling city of Dubai. Remember GSoC’21? Yep, I had the honor of being a fellow developer with Scorelab.

Here’s the BIG news: Along with a team of brilliant minds as passionate about tech as you are, we’re forging a groundbreaking developer platform powered by ChatGPT. :hammer_and_wrench::sparkles:

Curiosity piqued? Trust me, if you’re aiming to supercharge your productivity and step into the future of development, you won’t want to miss this! :fire:

Checkout GrowGPT-> Emon Meena 🇮🇳 on LinkedIn: #job #jobalert #jobhunt #blockchain #blockchaintechnology #chatgpt #ai… | 130 comments
Stay tuned, and get ready for a game-changer! :star2::mag:

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