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Hello everyone,

We’ll publish a link to the weeklyOSM in this thread. This way you will always find them nicely bundled together in one area of this forum.

We are a very small group and most of us also work full-time for bread and butter. The production of each issue requires a lot of commitment - that’s why you won’t always see immediate replies here. If you have any questions, please contact us directly at info at weeklyosm dot eu.

We’d love you to submit interesting articles that you have found! Please submit them here (you can log in with your OSM account).

We are also always looking for new volunteers willing to help with writing, translating and proofreading articles . Please let us know if you are interested! Please also contact via info at weeklyosm dot eu.

Many greetings and have fun with OSM and our weekly report.

Your weeklyOSM-Team

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