The damn project done in August 2023

DISCLAIMER: The writing style is not serious, the message is.

What a month, huh?

We are proud to announce that we have closed a long lasting ticket! After one year and five months we are delighted to say that you, mapper, shouldn’t see the difference. Who could be happy from these improvements are sysadmins but there is no sysadmin in our team and no known sysadmin running the damn project instance, so we make noone happy. Not so good but could be worse.

Divide and map. Now. deploy refactored

We stressed the deployement guide by deploying many many many many many many damn TEST instances many many many many many many times. We stressed the damn server of the damn TEST instance by load testing. We stressed ourselves by requiring at least one hour for each load test. We hoped to fail just after 200 mappers as we did the last time and it somehow happened.

Damn load testing for the third time

Damn, next month has started again.

Divide and map. Now. – the damn project – helps mappers by dividing a big area into smaller squares that people can map together.

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