The detailed watershed around the Kellé River in the Centre Region of Cameroon

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I’m Tonleu, a researcher, teacher and administrator at the Universities of Dschang and Maroua in Cameroon, Central Africa.

I’ve been using your data to teach for many years. I’ve also published my scientific papers using data from Geofabrik Download Server.

I’ve been working around the “Kellé” river in the Centre Region of Cameroon for almost three years and have been very happy to have free data from your website.

The problem is that there are many other rivers around the Kellé that are missing, such as the Muanda or Mwanda, which I’m trying to map. So, with a GPS, I managed to have very few kilometres of this river. But the task is very difficult because you know that the river is in the deep rainforest.

As I’m working in the whole region of the “Kellé” river, I’d like to have a detailed catchment area. This data will be very useful for me as I’m working on the conservation of biodiversity (woody plants, birds and butterflies) in the region.

Thank you very much!

Yours sincerely.

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