The need for new guideline for translating OSM wikis

Conclusion: I think the OSM wiki should have the master version content translated verbatim, and with discussion and agreement on this, I’d like someone to add these guidelines. - Wiki Translation

A wiki document should basically describe pan-lingual and pan-regional content, and a translated version should contain the content of a reference(usually English or German version). Related category
In other words, simply because it is a translation of a specific language, it should not be changed into content suitable for the region where that specific language is used.
If it is necessary to describe a specific region that differs from the reference text, this should be done either by comparing the regions or by including a separate section (usually as a paragraph) describing the specific region.

I generally think that these principles should be agreed upon and articulated.
In practice, however, translations into specific languages are often changed to make them more contextually relevant to the region where the language is spoken.

I don’t have the English skills to lead and organize a discussion like this, so I’m hoping someone will step up and lead the discussion and organize the consensus.

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