The new rate limiting prevents participants to Missing Maps mapathons from saving buildings

Dear OSM Data quality working group and whom it may concern,
On behalf of Missing Maps (MM) and Médecins Sans Frontières, member organization I serve as a MM community engagement coordinator for, I would like to report that the recently imposed rating limit (OSM Community Forum thread How about limit new accounts?, Github issue 1 and 2) on new mappers has prevented the participants to several of our November mapathons from saving edits in good faith. We train our mappers, support them individually as needed and guide them to ensure as good data quality as possible throughout the mapathons, so we believe this anti-vandalism measure should not limit them from adding buildings in areas of communities vulnerable to crises. This has created a problem for the organizers of at least 5 MSF mapathons across South Korea, Czechia, Spain, as we cannot provide a solution, when it stops the mappers from saving their data. For example, experienced mappers in my community note that all new mappers at a secondary school mapathon reached the limit. At a mapathon where we teach JOSM right away, they were mapping also round buildings in West Darfur, Sudan, torn by conflict, and this limit was reached very quickly because they count as many more changes. Therefore we would like to collectively appeal for a solution that does not have the adverse effect of stopping useful data from being added to the map. I also fear this inconvenience may stop enthusiastic mappers from coming back to map, as not being able to save well-digitalized buildings can be frustrating. This is what we propose as possible solutions:

  • We agree with others that the limit should be higher. Easy fix could be tripling or at least doubling the limit.
  • Would it be possible to set a limit specifically on deletions?
  • Would it be possible to exempt saving changes in JOSM? Of MSF mapathons those which teach JOSM to new mappers are done by very experienced mappers, who assure the quality of the data. They validate most of them during the mapathons or right after. We never had an issue of mass deletions (for sure in the past 4 years I have been around).

Thank you for considering this, as you take further steps to combat vandalism. We are with you to uphold the open spirit of OpenStreetMap and its value to all.

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