The Next Generation of OpenStreetMap — in Python!

Greetings, OSM Community :crab:

Today marks the unveiling of my most ambitious project yet: OpenStreetMap-NG.

Nearly a month in the making, I am super excited to bring this to light.

This project is a transformative rewrite of the foundational OSM infrastructure1,2 to Python. Its goal? To simplify contributions, secure against vandalism, and modernize the API, all while remaining backwards compatible.

:star: (Some) Highlight New Features

  • 100% Python; Move away from the complexities of Ruby, C++, and SQL.
  • API 0.7; A streamlined, future-proofed update that addresses many 0.6 challenges.
  • Anti-Vandalism Hardening; A comprehensive 3-stage strategy to combat vandalism.
  • Optimized Performance; An innovative parallel diff processing algorithm.
  • …and a lot more in the full document

The announcement comes in two forms:

:page_facing_up: Text Document

Link to the full announcement document

:film_projector: Commentary Video

(I don’t usually do videos, so bear with me.)

UPDATE: In the video, I mentioned MongoDB replacing the PostgreSQL database, but that is no longer the case. OpenStreetMap-NG will work with PostgreSQL. Please see the document for the updated information.

:raised_hand: Questions? AMA!

I understand that what is obvious to me may not be so for others. Because of that, I will be hosting two open AMA video sessions, collecting questions from you—the community. I will then format all the questions and answers and publish them on the project’s website. Feel free to hop in, even just to chat about anything! :slightly_smiling_face:

UPDATE: I created the FAQ document here.

Simply join the meeting when it’s time:

:link: Links

Disclaimer: Please note that this project is not affiliated with the OpenStreetMap Foundation. It’s the result of my voluntary work and personal choices.

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