Thoughts on waterway=waterfall on waterslide?

Hey everyone,

In an amusement park near me (Valleyfair) there are chutes/spouts of water tagged as waterway=waterfall in a raft water ride (Thunder Canyon). I don’t think they should be tagged as waterfalls, they are more of a spout of water to get riders wet rather than as a waterfall. While it is obviously falling water, waterway=waterfall to me implies a natural waterfall in a stream. The wiki page for the tag says twice that it should be only on a stream or river Tag:waterway=waterfall - OpenStreetMap Wiki. However, even though I think they shouldn’t have this tag, I could see someone making a case for the opposite so I want the general community’s opinion.

Here is the note I left at the place Note: 4104384 | OpenStreetMap. I’ve been on this ride many times and looked at it waiting in line for the nearby roller coaster even more so I know what it looks like, but for those that don’t here is a random youtube video I found of the ride You can see what I’m talking about at 0:31 to 0:50 and 1:40 to 1:46.

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