TomTom challenges in Estonia

Hi Estonia community!
I bet some of you remember me from State of the Map Baltics last week, where I had a talk about TomTom’s cooperation with and contribution to OpenStreetMap.
As said during the presentation (which I think will be available shortly as a recording for those who could not attend) I want to share a couple of MapRoulette challenges that can help fix map issues in your country.
You’re welcome to try these out, and we appreciate any feedback you may have.

Challenge urls:
Fix inconsistent Bridge and Tunnel tagging: MapRoulette
Fix inconsistent highway intersection: MapRoulette
Fix building and highway intersection: MapRoulette

You can find more information about each challenge in the description in MapRoulette.
Our editing team may also work on these challenges in a couple of week.

If you have another topic you’d like to discuss, or other map issues you’d like us to look into, feel free to send me a personal message or contact

Thank you!


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