TomTom 根據反饋進行編輯 (Map Feedback Activity)


我是 TomTom 的 Syed。 一如既往,我對機器翻譯消息中的任何錯誤表示歉意。

在努力改進 OSM 的過程中,我們計劃根據用戶輸入進行編輯。 此活動是檢查收到的 TomTom 地圖反饋是否也對 OSM 有效的結果。
• 為OSM 地圖增加價值
• 不與社區最近所做的任何編輯相衝突
• 得到本地資源的支持。


在此活動中,我們將從編輯 POI、土地用途、地址和高速公路開始。 隨著時間的推移,我們將評估更多反饋並擴展到其他功能。 您可以參考 GitHub,了解有關計劃編輯類型以及 TomTom 在台灣的其他活動的更多詳細信息:

用於這些編輯的 MapRoulette 挑戰只有我們的編輯團隊才能訪問,因為它可能包含機密信息。 除了 OSM 中每次 TomTom 編輯都附帶的 tomtom 標籤之外,如果是根據用戶反饋進行的編輯,我們還會將 #tt_mapfeedback 添加到變更集中。

我們計劃兩週後從台灣開始。 如果您有任何想法或疑問,請與我聯繫。


Hello Taiwan community,

I am Syed from TomTom. In our endeavor to improve OSM, we plan to conduct edits based on user input. This activity is the result of checking if feedback received for the TomTom map is also valid for OSM.
Note that, starting with a small number, we will only perform edits if they:
• add value to the OSM map
• do not conflict with any recent edits made by the community
• are supported by a local source.

In the absence of credible source material, we will reach out to you, the local community, for guidance.

We will start with editing POIs, land use, addresses, and highways during this activity. Over time, we will evaluate more feedback and expand to other features. You can refer to the following GitHub issue for further details regarding the types of planned edits as well as TomTom’s other activities in Taiwan:

The MapRoulette challenge used for these edits will be accessible only for our editing team as it could contain confidential information. Along with the tomtom hashtag that accompanies every TomTom edit in OSM, we will also add the #tt_mapfeedback to the changeset if it is an incidental edit resulting from user feedback.

We plan to start with Taiwan after 2 weeks along with a selection of countries for which there is available user input, and then expand to other countries. Please reach out to me if you have thoughts or questions about this upcoming activity or anything else.

Have a nice day.

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