TomTom Maps Platform

TomTom is advertising a new map platform:

Interesting quote from the website:

The pool is filled with an array of sources, including OpenStreetMap, sensor-derived observations (SDO) from millions of vehicles, probe data and shared points of interest (POI).

And from one of the videos:

What will be more and more relevant is data gathered from the crowd. […] The future of mapping looks more like being able to […] turn each one of us into a piece of the puzzle and each one of us collects a piece of the information […] and then bringing this information together to have always up-to-date and reliable data.

I’m not sure what is behind all this marketing talk. What will TomTom’s collaboration with the OSM community look like? Are they going to add data into OSM coming from their users? Or is OSM only a data source and the data of their customers will only be used in a proprietary database of TomTom? Has any communication with OSM(F) taken place?

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