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Hi Thailand community,

We appreciate all the feedback and ideas you brought to the table. I’m glad to see there is interest surrounding the efforts on improving the map leads, RoadRunner tool besides other topics that we tackled during our call, I would like to share more information with the wider Thailand community.

RoadRunner is a tool that uses vast amount of GPS traces to completely generate a road network automatically. It can detect one-way streets and road classes (motorway, major road, minor road and so on) from TomTom GPS traces and pulls in street name information from OpenStreetMap. I’m happy to say that this tool is available for use for the OSM community and here are some potential use-cases:

  • Detection of new or missing highway and roads
  • Detection of misaligned highways
  • Confirmation of traffic changes on major projects OSM community members may look around the RoadRunner Web Interface here (feel free to adjust the XY coordinates as desired)

It is also possible to use RoadRunner as a custom background in the iD Editor using the following URL

RoadRunner output may also be downloaded as a geoJSON file if you wish to conduct your own analysis for potential map uplift. Also, here is some additional information from our blogpost

We are aware that RoadRunner may not be flawless at this stage, but it is a glimpse of what is possible. We’d love to hear your feedback or any potential project ideas you may have with RoadRunner.

You can also find a simplified instruction PowerPoint for you to follow.

Thank you again and feel free to post or send any comments or feedback


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