Tool for finding missing buildings: OpenStreetMap vs Maa-amet

Since I am already comparing building geometry with Maa-amet for ADS imports, I created a interactive map tool to find missing buildings:


  • Compare building geometry using OSM vector maps and Maa-amet WMS map layers.
  • Helps to locate missing buildings.
  • Use Edit area with iD to add the building manually with iD editor.
  • Use Send geometry to Level0 to load building geometry directly from Maa-amet and open it with Level0 editor.
  • Use Download GeoJSON to get building geometry and use it with JOSM/GIS tools.

With Level0 it is possible to add complex building, with over 50 nodes, to OSM with just couple of clicks:

Keep in mind, that this tool doesn’t display live OSM data on map. This means it is essential to check surrounding area yourself and avoid making mechanical edits.

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