Tool for traveling salesman routing

For planning my survey trips I am looking for a tool that takes a list of waypoints and calculates the optimal route that includes all these points (traveling salesman algorithm). Input should be a GPX file with typically 20 to 40 waypoints but could be any common geodata format. Output should be a GPX track or any other common format. The service should be available online, as a Linux desktop application or an Android app.

Up to now, I found that Osmand and OpenRouteService can do that kind of calculation. I was not satisfied with the result from Osmand. The ORS web frontend seems not to offer traveling salesman but it seems that Vroom uses ORS as a backend. Unfortunately, I did not succeed to feed my WP list into Vroom. I also tried the ORS QGis plugin. The result is really good but using QGis is a bit of complicated. I would prefer just throw in the WP file and save the track.

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