Бул. Евлоги и Христо Георгиеви

I noticed there seems to be some inconsistency in the naming of бул. Евлоги и Христо Георгиеви in Sofia. It is clear that this is the name from its bul Bulgaria end, but its other end beyond the crossing with bul. Yanko Sakazov/bul. Madrid is just ул. Евлоги Георгиев (no boulevard any more, and Hristo is gone…) on OSM at the moment. Its name:en is Evlogi and Hristo Georgiev blvd. along all of it.
On https://kais.cadastre.bg/bg/Map the name changes from бул. Евлоги и Христо Георгиеви to бул. Евлоги Георгиев at the crossing with ul. Shipka, but the house numbering is continuous, suggesting it is still the same street.
On Евлоги и Христо Георгиеви (булевард в София) – Уикипедия it is mentioned that “На изток булевардът свършва непосредствено след пресечката с бул. „Мадрид“ и бул. „Янко Сакъзов“, като минава в две еднопосочни улички” (without mentioning how these ulichki are named).

What is the official name of this street, and where does it change if at all?

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