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Riddle me this, OSMers -

I note that most decent maps of Ireland (not least OS maps) have the townlands labelled on them.
But OSM at the moment generally just has boundaries with the labels written along the boundary. (Looks a bit wick, to be honest)
However, I gather there is a recommended way of dealing with such things, namely to add a node with place=locality and locality=townland, which is added to the relation for the townland boundary, with a role of ‘label’.
Now, the node could have the tag name=, e.g name=Legananny,
But I was wondering if it would be more pragmatically sensible to have it be name=Legananny Townland. Or ’ name=Legananny TD.

One reason for suggesting this is: most renderers render the names of ‘localities’, ‘hamets’, ‘villages’ and indeed ‘townlands’ all in the same style and weight. And it is therefore confusing.
And yes, I know we don’t tag for the renderer!!!
But this is more ‘tagging for logical semantics’?
Point for the defense: in recent decades, many Northern Irish street name signs in rural areas also include the townland name. Some do it with a different colour and smaller size font. Some explicitly add the letters ‘TD’ the townland name. Some maps use ‘TD’ too. (Similarly to them labelling counties with ‘Co’…

(see also: discussions about whether river names should be ‘River Name’ or just ‘Name’…)

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