Traduction du rapport moral présenté et voté en juin dernier

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Moral report 2021-2022
Nantes 11 June 2022

Institutional relations

The year 2021-2022 was the occasion for OSM France to be integrated into the plenary council of the CNIG (National Council for Geolocated Information). The activity of the CNIG is growing following the appointment of its new president last year.
This entry of the association is excellent news. It recognises the work of the entire community in the service of the OSM project and it officially marks the importance of the project in the geographic information landscape.

The association is part of several working groups.
This official recognition allows the association, and more generally its members, to
to be involved in the work of the CNIG, to make the voice of our project and its particularities : heard governance, model, vision, …

After several years of discussion about the opportunity to do so, the association has decided to to join Afigéo. The Board felt that this year was the right time, especially with the subsequent entry into the CNIG that followed. It remains to be seen how the two structures will progress and what place OSM can have, as the groupings between Afigéo and the CNIG are numerous, particularly at the the working groups level.

Geocommons: The next step

Launched in June 2021, the geocommons are still under construction.
A forum is online since mid-February 2022.
This forum is intended to be a space for discussion between all interested parties without distinction.
We wanted the Geocommons session at State of the Map France 2022 be a significant moment on the subjects of free street photos, navigable databases and geocommons! Will this be enough? We’ll see!

The life of the OpenStreetMap community

The community is growing: we are currently on a plateau of 400 contributors/day.
Institutional media coverage, like Recourir et contribuer aux communs numériques - Mission logiciels libres et communs numériques.
A servers burndown following a TV show about OpenStreetMap and the war in Ukraine?
Forum activity that is growing?
Is all this a marker of the life of the community? good question!

But it’s hard to illustrate the « life » of the community, it’s only the tip of the lognette of what we see, is based on the possibility of doing things without asking permission.

Not asking permission does not mean not respecting some obligations! And as an
illustration of the life of the community, the example of the attention paid to the respect of the attribution OpenStreetMap, by OpenStreetMap contributors! Since 2021, it is for example, the collaborative referencing of more than 200 sites with attribution errors, of which 61 have been corrected. But it is still more than 100 sites without attribution (a deliberate violation tag was even been set up following the absence of progress and several reminders). Learn more and come contribute Issues · osm-fr/attributions · GitHub

The life of the OSM-fr association

OSM-fr, is the choice to have a certain institutional, legal and administrative legibility which allows us to have a contact address@ (if people want to participate in answering it, do not hesitate to), It also means carrying out projects for the community.
For example, this State of the Map France, but it is also all the more or less known services (umap, osmose, BANO, the technical layers topo, bano, …, aerial imageries, the forum, differents render : fr, humanitarian, cyclosm, …) !
And it is especially all that we will make of this association!

And this is the subject we want to discuss at this GA. It starts with the observation that the lack of renewal in the association’s Board of Directors. It is the same people that we see every year, same faces every year. Today, we would like to discuss the lack of candidates on one hand, and, on the other hand, the actions to encourage this renewal. To sum up, what can make you come to the Board and fire us?