Traffic_calming=island in the centre of a roundabout

I noted that an area tagged with traffic_calming=island had been added to the centre of a roundabout and made a comment on the changeset, saying that such usage doesn’t match the documentation for the tag.

The (current) documentation states that these traffic islands should separate “two different traffic directions” (which a roundabout does not). There is no mention of using a traffic island for the centre of a roundabout either on the traffic_calming=island or junction=roundabout pages.

However, as the editor correctly points out, the traffic island pages did for some time explicitly mention about using this tag on the centre of roundabouts. The following was only removed in May this year:

Traffic islands can also appear at the center of junctions or traffic lights, but then the roadway around them should also be drawn as a circular way tagged with junction=circular or junction=roundabout.

So, should the centre island of roundabouts be tagged with traffic_calming=island, or not?

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