Traffic multi-sign notation

Mapping multi traffic_sign nodes came across the traffic_sign wiki which gives samples.

What I’m trying to understand is, when to use a comma separator such as on the no entry sign with bus exception and when to use a semicolon as on the city limit sign combined with a maxspeed, noting that in that example I’m guessing that A0150 is the specific sign for maxspeed 50 where here the traffic sign maxspeed has to specify out what the maxspeed is i.e. it would be traffic_sign=IT:II.50[50].

The only guess I’ve had was that the semicolon is needed because additional qualifiers are given with the city limit sign i.e. [Marum][Maerum][Roermond] and the semicolon serving as an explicit, end of previous sign, new sign start but then a line in the referenced wiki says:

" Multiple unrelated signs should be separated with a semicolon ; . If traffic signs are related, the additional sign IDs should be separated from the main sign by comma ,"

Think city limit sign and maxspeed 50 are quite related too, though now I’m reading Amsterdam is essentially going max 30.

At least the country code does not need repetition in a set and suspecting the comma indicating relation of 2 signs can be done with semicolon too, but then would that throw a spanner in a data consumer wheel?

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