Trail for walking/hiking and cycling

How does one map a trail/route that is equally dedicated to walkers and cyclers?

ITC Corridor Trail | City of Novi
The Trail is dedicated to walking/hiking and cycling equally.
The descriptions states:

  • “Park enthusiasts will be able to hike and bicycle between different parks and communities […]”
  • “No motorized vehicles permitted with the exception of power driven mobility devices related to disabilities.”
  • “Bikers must yield to walkers/joggers.”

The key route allows only for one value of foot, hiking or bicycle.

I found a similar trail nearby
Relation: ‪I-275 Metro Trail‬ (‪272134‬) | OpenStreetMap
that is available for walking and hiking as well, but only tagged for bicycling.

One possibility that could work for me is adding bicycle=yes like on a highway=path.

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