Trunk v Primary roads

Question re trunk roads v primary. Have been doing some mapping along Beenleigh - Redland Bay Rd, just south of Brisbane Relation: ‪47‬ (‪530947‬) | OpenStreetMap after a trip up there last week. Realised, when I went to add a bike lane, that it’s been tagged as a highway=trunk, which doesn’t seem right, as it’s certainly not a major highway, nor a connection between major population centres. When I checked into it, I found out that it had been changed from =primary to =trunk Changeset: 96830592 | OpenStreetMap by the mapper who’s done the same thing to a few roads on the GC e.g. Changeset: 96752282 | OpenStreetMap, apparently based solely on the fact that the roads have a State Route reference? I’ve tried to contact them via Changeset Comment previously to ask them about it, but no response. So, what do we think - does simply having a State Route reference number make it a highway=trunk?

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