Turn lanes and destinations on dual carrigeway intersections


Recently, I got really surprised, how much detail one can add to OSM in intersections, and would like to enhance my area by adding this information. However, it is a bit vague for me what the accepted method is currently for such purpose. The turn lanes relation proposal which is used in the only tutorial I found seems to be obsoleted now.

Should one use a bunch of “connectivity” relations in this scenario? Will that work with routing software in a dual carriageway intersection?

The specific intersection I am trying to map (and seems to be failing at) is Garak Market inertsection, and it has everything: slip lanes, U-turn lanes before the two roads meet, pedestrian corossings, and even an underpass with bus lanes.

How do I even start? I mean, the ways were already there and were mostly acceptable, and I managed to add some lane information (not everything yet), and I’m very much not satisfied with the situation.

So, I’d love to hear what the community thinks, and I’d be happy to take part in making some tutorials on how to map these types of complex intersections once I’ve learned it how to do it myself, so the next people running into this problem will have something to lean on.


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